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Gruden is Experience

Determination to dedicate himself long and passionate to the subject of packaging, refining a real ability to solve new problems in the light of situations already successfully managed in the past

Gruden is Precision

Searching for the best result that meets the demands of an increasingly demanding customer: an effective combination of the technology used and the ability of the staff who uses it, a prerequisite for promoting an effective growth prospect

Gruden is Expertise

Passionate habit of the staff that interacts with Gruden to methodically relate to the needs submitted by customers

Gruden is Reliability

Constancy of the performances of its product, resulting from tested raw materials and selected suppliers that ensure the continuity of its business, testimony of an effective balance sheet towards customers, suppliers and employees

"The best things are achieved with the utmost passion"

Reliability and precision since 1948

Quality comes from Professionalism

Our experience at your service