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Technology & Products

Gruden products’ quality is guaranteed by cutting-edge technologies, by a team of trained and highly experienced people, capable of both innovating and ensuring a control of the final packaging that continues throughout the production cycle and in the laboratory of the company.
The production cycle in Gruden is divided into several moments, each linked to a construction phase.

Design and development department:

  • Customer needs collection
  • Definition of product specifications and their presentation to the customer
  • Defining the product specifications with the customer


Printing Department:

  • Draft press proposal
  • Customer Approval Collection
  • Print on media


Coupling Department:

  • Combination of multiple substrates and subsequent Seasoning for the correct “polymerization” (perfect adhesion) of the coupled materials


Cutting Department:

  • trimming in the required width with selection of the defective product and its elimination


Packaging and Shipping Department