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The food products that can be packaged with packages produced by Gruden are of different types. Below is a list of the main food categories that can be packaged:

Vacuum coffee, in grains, soluble,
pods and compatible capsules



Fresh pasta

Diary products


Sausages and hams

Teas and herbal teas

Spices and sauces

Baked goods

Pet food

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Gruden protects the taste and aroma of your products

Gruden pays great attention to the design and composition of food packaging according to the needs and requirements of the customer.

Based on the food to be packaged and the requests of the manufacturer, Gruden realizes a packaging that guarantees the preservation, protection, and the machinability of the product, always in compliance with the regulations on contact with food.

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Food security

Safety has always been the primary objective that Gruden pursues and improves through research, to propose the most suitable materials, control, the result of compliance with strict internal procedures, experience, as accumulation of years of activity.

All this guarantees the production of 100% safe packaging in all areas, including the environment.

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