social work

Social initiatives and projects to which Gruden adheres

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The Gruden family has always considered social attention a value in its action.

This is done in particular in synergy with the FONDAZIONE BAMBINI DELLE FATE, a reality of the territory engaged in fundraising to finance projects of associations, institutions and hospitals, whose beneficiaries are children and children with autism.

We are convinced that the ability to donate time and money to these social projects is an excellent system to raise awareness throughout the company, to carry out actions that make civilization more human and more attentive to others.

Give, too, you!

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Gruden has already chosen to take care of nature and fight against the climate crisis by supporting the Wowalps Enego project of Wow Nature.

We have enthusiastically supported the project of forest repopulation of the areas affected by Hurricane Vaia

Hoping to help nature catch its breath!

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Polis Group brings together four Cooperatives of Padua that since 1985 work to give a concrete response to people in difficulty. They provide educational, rehabilitative, residential and employment services, promote the employment of disadvantaged people and support the culture of acceptance, inclusion and solidarity.

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PMG Italia Spa was created with the aim of directing the resources and needs of the public and private towards a single objective: to ensure better mobility for the weakest in the community, for the disadvantaged, for the disabled, for the elderly.

Logo i bambini delle fate

Social enterprise that since 2005 is responsible for ensuring economic support to projects and paths of social inclusion managed by local partners for the benefit of families with autism and other disabilities.