Environmentally and territorial friendly

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Gruden chose an environmentally friendly production cycle. The effort is dictated not only by compliance with the rules, but by a corporate sensitivity aimed at protecting the environment that we will deliver to our children.

Gruden has therefore initiated processes to optimize the production cycle, to reduce waste of various types (plastics, paints, etc.), reduce consumption and ensure a state-of-the-art system in air filtration.

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A material that can be delivered to the organic (or wet) waste because it can be transformed by composting together with the wet into compost.

Composting is a process of biological decomposition of an organic substance. The result is a final product called compost, a biologically stable, inert, odourless organic substance consisting mainly of humus, active microorganisms and microelements.

A packaging is compostable when it meets all the requirements defined in the Italian technical standard, harmonized at European level, UNI EN 13432:2002.


Recyclable plastic material means the creation of recyclable plastic products that in the end of life can be transformed into raw material and be reinserted into the production cycle thus giving life to the real circular economy.

Gruden’s research is aimed at finding compatible plastic materials that can be easily recycled, processed and regranulated to recreate a new raw material to be reinserted into the production cycle.

Packaging will no longer be waste, but a renewable source of raw materials.


Eco-sustainability is all the actions that the human being takes towards ecology in a development that meets both our needs today and those of future generations.

The renewal of resources is at the center of eco-sustainability, and is seen as the intrinsic ability of the world to transform itself in a cyclical way, a capacity that must be defended not to change the delicate balance of the earth.

It is environmentally sustainable to act in such a way that the consumption of resources is such that the next generation receives the same amount of resources that we received from the previous generation.

Awareness of the environment and climate in particular, means that today eco-sustainability is adopted by many companies in various sectors that are committed to having a low environmental impact.

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