Quality comes from Professionalism

imballaggio rotolo

The quality of Gruden products is guaranteed by cutting-edge technologies, by a team of highly trained and experienced people, able both to innovate and to ensure a final packaging control, throughout the production cycle.

Production phases in GRUDEN

Design and development

  • Collection of customer requirements
  • Definition of product specifications and their presentation to the customer
  • Definition of product specifications with the customer

Sketch and Print

  • Proposal for a draft press
  • Collection of customer approval
  • Print-on


  • Combination of multiple supports and subsequent Seasoning for the correct “polymerization”  (perfect adhesion) of the coupled materials


  • Trimming in the required width with selection of the defective product and its elimination

Packaging and Shipping

Range of materials

materials table


2 – GOOD


* Recyclability varies according to municipal regulations.

Finishing of the print

print table

With the ennoblements the recyclability can vary depending on the municipal provisions.

* Please note that for eco-sustainability it would be better to avoid, but it can be evaluated for small areas.