Reliability and accuracy since 1948


Determination in dedicating oneself to packaging for a long time and with passion, refining a real ability to solve new problems in the light of situations already successfully managed in the past


Search for the best result that meets the demands of an increasingly demanding customer: effective combination of the technology used and the ability of the staff who uses it, premise to the promotion of an effective growth perspective


Consistency of the performances of its product, resulting from tested raw materials and selected suppliers that ensure the continuity of its business, testimony of an effective balance sheet towards customers, suppliers and employees


Passionate habit of the staff that interacts with Gruden to relate with method to the needs submitted by customers

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Our story

The Gruden Company was founded as an industrial company in the immediate post-war period, by the brothers Vittorino and Alessandro Gruden.

Since its inception, Gruden has been active in the food market, with particular reference to the production of packaging for sugar, flour and coffee.

At the end of the 1950s, Gruden was transformed from a personal company into s.n.c. and, in 1962, built the factory in Albignasego, which replaced the old factory in Padua.

Throughout the 1960s, Gruden’s production was geared towards developing the existing market, maintaining traditional technology based on paper use and flexographic printing, in particular for the production of prepackaged “square-bottomed” paper bags.

At the beginning of the ’70s, the transition to rotogravure technology took place and the first “poly-coupled” films began production, suitable for “under-vacuum” packaging and in a “controlled atmosphere”. From that moment on, the production model of the Company is aimed at developing materials for the food market of powders and granules, seeking an increasing specialization, both in the composition of the couplings used and in the quality of increasingly complex graphic solutions.


In 1979, Gruden was transformed into a Limited Company, while maintaining a “family” structure, as the members are part of the same family.

In 1992, the company chose to install the first plant for the purification of air produced by the production system.

In 2016, Gruden renovated the Air Ethyl Acetate Recovery System with a new liquid nitrogen plant. An important commitment to employees, the territory and especially the environment.

At the end of the 90s, the Management of the Company (in which the new generation is firmly flanked by that of the founders) considers necessary the construction of a new plant in Maserà in Padua, a productive environment designed for the most modern work needs, current administrative and production headquarters of Gruden Padova Spa.

fotografia storicafotografia storica
fotografia storicafotografia storica


Gruden has determined the functioning of its organisation in accordance with models for which it has obtained specific certificates, in particular:

Quality Management System, according to UNI EN ISO 9001

Food Safety Management System, according to UNI EN ISO 22000